Rabu, 14 September 2011

Lost My Mind

I lost.

Back then, I was planning on dreaming my wedding will be. Typically theme of thoughts that are sounding around the people, wedding. This month, my best friend will celebrate her wedding. After long road of negotiation and planning, the time is ripe for her.

How about me? Earlier in this year, my parents said, "It would be nice if you get married this year." I was hoping somebody will soon propose me to be his wife. The reality -as usual, keeps ruining my dreams-, was not happening. Maybe there are wrongs in me. Whatever. Maybe God just want to say, "Just relax, Gita. Time will come". Until last week, I still believe that somehow, I might achieve it. Why? Because some people said about The Secret, the power of minds, when we are thinking about something it means we are sending energy to others in this entire world. As consequences, the energy will come back to us. Or I was not giving big and large enough of praying and wishing. If I think about why there are no single man would be happy to be my husband, then I could kill myself. It is unnecessary thoughts, though it scrams into my mind.

Suddenly this blog having too much drama.

Yes. I hate being alone. I love to have my friends being around me. Even only going to ATM, I want a friend  to be with me. Simple solution: get a personal assistance but it would be very costly. When I am alone, it is hard for me choosing what I should do.

In the middle of nowhere, which actually in my car, my mum said, "Your father said, take your time.". And the confusion starts to follow.

The urgency come when we decided it. It is still and always be an ordinary thing when we think that is an unnecessary. So, what will I do? I'm just hoping for the best. I want to be the best of me. Hope God will lead the way.

It takes two to tango.

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