Selasa, 05 Agustus 2008

I Will be Blessed

-Lisa Ekdahl

If the sun
Refused to shine
Down on me
Till the end of time
As long as I have your caress
Your tenderness
I will be blessed

If the stars
Refused their light
Just for me
They stayed out of sight
If you say you love me best
I won't care less
I will be blessed

If the wind won't blow your name
Until I'm still
I will
If it's whispered from above
the highest hill
I will

If the moon
Up in the sky
Turned its face
From my lonely eye
I could never be distressed
Or love you less
I will be blessed

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dheaditya's mengatakan...

gita maniss,
aku juga sukaa bgt lagu iniiii.. :D